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Embarking on a Global Journey: Dive into Our World of Exhibitions!

Discover the highlights, innovations, and behind-the-scenes fun from our global exhibitions!Discover the highlights, innovations, and behind-the-scenes fun from our global exhibitions!


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March 2023

HOFEX Hong Kong 

2023 HOFEX Hong Kong

Singapore FHA expo 

2023 FHA Singapore

SXSW Austin 

SXSW Austin

Pitch Sldm in Expo West

Pitch Slam in Expo West Anaheim

Mission for 2050

Every day, we are reminded that plastic
pollution in our environment and in our food chain is an urgent issue. By 2050, the world's population will reach nearly 10 billion. As the same time, scientists estimate there will be more plastic waste in the ocean than fish.

If we start now, we can stop, or at least
significantly reduce, plastic pollution by the year 2050. Even small steps count. We can eliminate single-use plastics by using truly home-compostable TwentyFifty spoons, forks,and knives.

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Explore our research

TwentyFifty scientists are focused on materials science innovations that replace petroleum-based plastics through materials and manufacturing methods. Here are the first products in our pipeline…


Completed: 95%

100% food materials made from gluten-free ingredients bring beneficial organic substances to the land, which can be quickly composted in natural soil and marine environments and turned into nutrients for the land and food for marine life.


What makes ECORYZA special?

Among bio-based materials, ECORYZA has unique material properties that set it apart from others. We compared common bio-based materials with ECORYZA, taking into account factors such as production emissions, environmental impact of degradation components, degradation rates and raw material regeneration cycles.

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Thermal Injection Molding Technology


Whole Food
Bio-formulation Technology

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One Leaf Level

TwentyFifty provides a full suite of certified HOME compostable tableware - cutlery, cups, plates, lids, straws and other food related implements - to eliminate single-use plastic pollution associated with the restaurant operations.  

Restaurant Environmental Rating Criteria

Solutions for Restaurant Environmental Rating Criteria

Similar to the ESG reporting now required of public companies, or LEED certification in architecture and design, the leading global restaurant ratings systems are adding a sustainable ratings component to their star systems.    
As a partner, TwentyFifty provides services to assist restaurants achieve any level of Green Leaf program certification.


2050 Zero-Waste System

TwentyFifty® products  are made from natural grain flours. TwentyFifty® utensils retain healthy levels of organic nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Once disposed of into a composting medium such as soil, the utensils contribute positive organic fertilizer value back to the earth, supporting a regenerative agricultural cycle that underlies a ‘zero-waste’ economy.

The following graphic maps the lifecycle of grain-based TwentyFifty® utensils as part of a Circular Economy, where composted utensils provide nutrition back to the soil, from which more grains can be harvested, and more utensils made, and so forth, ad infinitum.

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Safety Certificates

Report Information

Our products have passed SGS product testing, the ingredients are plastic free and have been tested for gluten sensitivity.

Glten Free Report

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Whole Food
Content Report

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SC Certification







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