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2050 Vision

Revolutionizing Sustainability with New Material Solutions


TwentyFifty® 产品由天然谷物面粉制成。TwentyFifty® 厨具保留了氮、钾、磷等健康水平的有机养分。一旦被丢弃到土壤等堆肥介质中,这些器皿就会为地球贡献正向的有机肥料价值,支持作为 "零废弃 "经济基础的农业再生循环。

下图描绘了作为循环经济一部分的谷物型 TwentyFifty® 厨具的生命周期,在此过程中,经过堆肥处理的厨具为土壤重新提供营养,而土壤中又可以收获更多谷物,制造出更多厨具,如此循环往复,无穷无尽。


 Plastic Waste

 A Growing Challenge


In a world increasingly burdened by plastic waste, the challenge is stark and growing.


The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) estimates that cleaning all marine debris could cost trillions of dollars.


According to Greenpeace, an alarming 12.7 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans annually.

In a world increasingly burdened by plastic waste, the challenge is stark and growing.

 Innovative Solutions


At 2050, we're proud to lead with the world's first platform technology that uses thermal injection molding to transform 100% food-grade materials into high-performance alternatives to traditional plastics.


These products are not only made from fully biodegradable agricultural byproducts, like our Ecoryza, but also decompose within just 14 days in a backyard setting, offering an unprecedented solution to waste management.

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Environmental Benefits of Ecoryza

  • Our Ecoryza material showcases remarkable environmental benefits during disposal.

  • In the composting process, every four to five tons of Ecoryza used can replace one ton of conventional plastic, which would otherwise contribute four to five tons of carbon emissions through landfill or incineration.

  • In stark contrast, the same amount of Ecoryza results in only about 0.3 tons of carbon emissions when composted at home.

Supply Chain Optimization

  • By championing these innovations, 2050 not only oversees the entire lifecycle from farm to table and back again but also significantly cuts upstream carbon emissions.

  • Our supply chain optimization allows local production—from raw materials to finished goods—through our milling techniques and 2050 production facilities.

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Post-Use Benefits
and Waste Management

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Efficient Waste Repurposing

Post-use, our products enrich soils with essential nutrients, providing innovative organic solutions for local communities and reducing the need for traditional waste management. Our factories set high environmental standards with zero VOC emissions and no wastewater discharge, efficiently repurposing waste materials in various industries.

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Qingyuan Chicken Project

With initiatives like our Qingyuan Chicken project, we are pioneering an integrated agri-industrial cycle around the Ecoryza system, further reducing our carbon footprint and reinforcing our commitment to circular economy at every step of the process.


Urban-Rural Sustainability Interaction

Our Qingyuan Chicken project is a good example of how 2050 is reshaping ways in which urban consumption interacts with suburban and rural modes of sustainability. Traditionally, cities have been sources of vast amounts of waste, much of which ends up in landfills in less populated areas.

Symbiotic Relationship and Closing the Loop

The symbiotic relationship between city consumption and rural production fosters a robust, sustainable loop where every product's end-of-life contributes positively to the beginning of another life cycle. By closing the loop, 2050 not only helps reduce waste and carbon emissions but also promotes local economies, enhances food security, and reduces the environmental impact of long-distance transportation.

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