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Arc UNSW Campus Activation in 2024

Apr 21, 2024

Revolutionizing Sustainability: UNSW Campus Activation Showcases Compostable Utensils and Eco-friendly Innovations

Today, we made history at UNSW, showcasing the future of sustainability with our revolutionary, compostable utensils. In an inspiring collaboration with the vibrant community at UNSW, we shared how simple, everyday choices can contribute to a significant environmental impact.

Our Sustainable Technology Explained:


At the heart of our innovation lies the natural breakdown process of our utensils. Made from plant-based materials, these utensils are designed to decompose naturally in various setting, transforming into nutrient-rich soil without leaving harmful residues such as micro plastics or bleach remnants. This bio-cycle not only reduces waste but also supports the health of our planet. Furthermore, the plant-based composition ensures that all utensils are food-safe, adhering strictly to global food safety standards. We have implemented rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure that each product meets these critical standards, offering both safety and environmental benefits.

Highlights of the Day:


Engagement and Education: Our interactive kiosk, set against the backdrop of UNSW's lush campus, became a bustling hub of learning, laughter, and shared commitment to sustainability.

Delicious Demonstrations: Attendees experienced firsthand the durability and practicality of our utensils, enjoying a variety of treats from fried chicken to ice cream, all served eco-consciously.

Making Connections: The enthusiasm and insightful conversations sparked among students, faculty, and our team were a reminder of the power of community in driving change.

Future Forward: We left the event inspired by the promise of collective action and the impact of innovative solutions like ours on creating a more sustainable planet

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined us, shared their thoughts, and took a step towards sustainability. Your support not only fuels our mission but also amplifies the call for change.


Stay Engaged:

Missed the event? Curious about our journey and future initiatives? Follow us on Instagram and visit our website for updates, stories, and ways you can join the movement towards a sustainable future.

Together, we're not just choosing eco-friendly alternatives; we're cultivating a culture of sustainability that reverberates through every action we take. Let's continue to make a difference, one compostable utensil at a time.

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