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Singapore FHA expo

Apr 23, 2023

2023 FHA Singapore

Today marked the beginning of an exciting journey as we arrived in Singapore to participate in the FHA Food Expo. As an exhibitor representing eco-friendly disposable tableware, we was eager to showcase our sustainable solutions in a city known for its remarkable blend of culture, limited resources, and forward-thinking initiatives.

Singapore, often referred to as the "Little Red Dot," presents a captivating backdrop that marries cultural diversity with economic prosperity. The city's robust economy is a testament to the resilience and determination of its people. Singapore's path from a modest fishing village to a global economic powerhouse is awe-inspiring. However, its economic success is even more remarkable given its scarcity of natural resources and energy.

One notable challenge faced by Singapore is its lack of abundant land and conventional energy sources. Despite these limitations, the city-state has set an ambitious goal to achieve a 30% self-sufficiency rate in food production by 2030, all without the assistance of nuclear energy. This determination to ensure food security for its population is truly admirable.

Walking around the expo, we had the privilege of engaging in insightful discussions with locals about their culinary preferences. The rich tapestry of Singapore's food culture, influenced by Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Western traditions, offers a delightful array of flavors. However, underlying the culinary delights is a concern - the city's reliance on food imports.

Singapore's commitment to sustainability extends beyond food security. The city-state has been actively investing in vertical farming and utilizing urban spaces to create lush green gardens and plant life, demonstrating their innovative approach to environmental conservation. The concept of a "City in a Garden" is not just a slogan but a lived reality.

What made this experience even more enlightening was the exchange we had with European exhibitors and attendees at the expo. Our conversation underscored a strong likelihood that European consumers are eager to embrace eco-friendly tableware solutions. The European market, known for its emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness, presents a promising opportunity.

This interaction served as a catalyst for my commitment to intensify research and development efforts. We now feel more determined than ever to attend the upcoming expo Anuga in Cologne, Germany during the second half of the year. This expo could serve as a gateway to introduce our eco-friendly tableware to the European market and make a meaningful impact on global environmental sustainability.

As we look forward to the coming days of the FHA Food Expo, We are inspired by the spirit of Singapore's people, their innovative initiatives, and the potential to create positive change on a global scale.

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